New backing tracks to Mary Had a Little Lamb

Learning the timing of the phrases in the intro of this song is pretty tricky so we have attempted to make it easier by adding replica watches uk
a couple of backing tracks to the lesson. You can access these either by clicking on the backing tracks tab on the toolbox  next to the video lesson for Mary Had a Little Lamb (This is in the Advanced section of the site) or directly from the backing tracks link in the main menu.replica watchesreplica watches replica watches replica watches Rolex replica Louis Vuitton replica handbags rolex replica replica watches replica watches replica handbags replica watches replica handbags replica handbags replica watches Mulberry replica handbags best fake watches

I recorded the first track at 90 bpm, threequarters the speed that SRV plays it at. I used acoustic guitar so that if you are playing over it on electric you can more easily hear the difference between what I am playing and what you are playing – (I find this helps students spot timing errors).

I split the rhythm guitar and lead guitar onto two tracks although SRV of course, plays both parts; I find it helps to concentrate on them separately to begin with . You can turn down the rhythm part by lowering the volume on your left speaker or the lead part, on your right speaker.

Once you have got this up to speed you can move on to the second backing track which is done exactly the same way, but played at 120bpm – as on the live recording that I used as a reference.

If you have a cam, try recording a video of yourself playing along to the backing and uploading the result to youtube – I’ll be happy to give you feedback on how you’re doing with it if you want to email me a link to your video.

Hope that helps!  As always, your feedback is appreciated.


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