Two more backing tracks for Mary…

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At a member’s request we have added two further backing tracks to the advanced song lesson on Mary Had a Little Lamb.

These are both played at 3/4 speed. The first track has the guitar tracks muted so it is just bass and drums. This track sounds weird when you listen to it (and makes me realise what a useless bass-player I am!), however, it does work once you start playing the lead and rhythm part over it.

If you find this hard to use (and it is very demanding playing over a track like this), then try the second track where I have panned both guitar tracks entirely to the Left. This means that you can control exactly how much or how little help you get from my guitar playing simply by adjusting the volume of the left speaker. Again, because of the extreme panning, this track sounds strange on its own, but it does work well as a way of helping to refine your timing on this intro/outro.
Here’s a link to the lesson

You can access the backing tracks from the toolbox next to it.

Have fun and thanks for the feedback :-)
ASME Y14.5

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2 Responses to Two more backing tracks for Mary…

  1. debbie says:

    wow nick! i didnt even know u had a “blog” till i just reread ur email. see? dont get old.. lol
    yes, it does sound bit weird not hearing u play, but i will try to sound just like u. didnt know u played bass too??? u also play the drums? weird one i was a kid, my friend she took drum lessons, while i learned guitar on my own. used to accompany her to her lessons. always dreamt of starting a band. oh well, maybe in my next life, no? lol

    • Yes, this blog is kind of meant to be a place where I can communicate ad lib, a sort of overflow for the structured communication systems on the site. To be honest, I haven’t entirely figured out how best to use it yet!! Guess the ‘Don’t get old’ advice didn’t reach me in time ! 😉

      I do play almost everything on almost all my backing tracks, although one or two of my students have contributed over the years. The drums are entirely computer programmed though – and I often just write one bar and loop it for the whole track. Drum track programming can eat up hours and hours if you are not careful and I have an immense workload at the moment so some of the tracks are going to be ‘functional’ but not beautiful! Still, as long as they work as teaching aids, that is the main thing!

      have fun with them!


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