Trick to stringing the guitar

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In response to a member’s question about the best way to stop string slippage, please check out the diagram below. Note that this trick is essential on the thinner strings, but I wouldn’t bother with it on the 6th and 5th (E and A) strings and only on the 4th (D) string if using a very light set:Imitation Rolex watches fake Rolex Rolex replica watches Louis Vuitton replica replica watches replica watches uk replica watches uk Louis vuitton replica handbags fake Rolex AAA Louis Vuitton replica replica handbags for sale replica watches uk Mulberry bags outlet


I found this diagram here – (no infringement of copyright intended)

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  1. Jim Kleine says:

    Thanks for the diagram and prompt response.Now time to put the new strings on and back to lesson’s,Jim.

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