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“Your teaching style is excellent. You dont talk too fast, you allow the concept to sink in for a second before continuing. Your voice is very calming so its easy to concentrate on the lesson... ”comment by aynrandy1

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How to Improvise Over Half Diminished Chords

30 August 2016

In this blog we'll take a brief look at a few different approaches you can use to improvise over a Half Diminished 7th Chord, when found in its natural habitat as the 2 chord in a Minor 2 ...

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How to Choose an Electric Guitar

30 August 2016

Heading down to your local guitar store to buy your first electric guitar is exciting of course. But I know it can also feel like a very daunting proposition for many people. There is a ki...

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Using CAGED System to Change Key

30 August 2016

Ever since first learning the CAGED system I have found that it has helped me speed up the process of learning new songs. But a great bonus to using the CAGED system in this way, is that i...