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6 Intermediate Lead Guitar Course

A thorough course for anyone wanting to master improvised lead guitar.

Lessons & Songs:

6.6 Key Specific Improvising - an Overview
An introductory demonstration of the scope of this approach to learning to improvise view free lesson

6.7 Blues Scales in 5 positions
Essential learning for all lead guitarists - this is your main roadmap of the fretboard. view free lesson

6.8 Blues Scales in Different Keys
How to use the Blues Scale Patterns to play in any key you want [Become a member to view lesson]

6.9 Blues Scale Diagonal Runs
Efficient ways to connect the Blues Scale patterns to play with more speed and fluency view free lesson

7.0 Scale pattern orientation First and Fourth positions
How to quickly find your blues scale patterns in any key [Become a member to view lesson]

7.1 Scale pattern orientation Linking from First position
Some useful sample licks that connect the first position pattern to the fifth and second positions [Become a member to view lesson]

7.2 Scale pattern orientation Linking from Fourth position
Some useful sample licks that connect the fourth position pattern to the third and fifth positions [Become a member to view lesson]

7.5 More Essential Blues Licks
Sample licks from each of the five positions to help get you started on the road to creating your own amazing blues licks [Become a member to view lesson]

7.6 Introducing the Country Scale
A Key Lesson for anyone who has ever struggled to find the right scale patterns to play over a song or backing track [Become a member to view lesson]

7.7 From Blues Scales to Country Scales
How to use your knowledge of the Blues Scale Patterns to play Country Scales. How to improvise over Major Key tunes [Become a member to view lesson]

7.8 Some Essential Country Licks
To help get you started on the road to improvising over Major Key chord sequences. Sample licks from all five positions [Become a member to view lesson]

7.9 Melodic Improvising using Blues and Country Scales
key tips on how to use the Blues and Country Scales over different types of songs in Major and Minor keys [Become a member to view lesson]

8.0 When to Use What
A guide to using blues and country scales over different types of songs view free lesson

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About the course

Any beginner's course completed or around a year's worth of guitar playing experience.

 Changing keys
 Chord, scale and melody relationship
 Efficient picking
 Extending licks
 Finger coordination
 Fretboard orientation
 General music theory
 Getting the right sound
 Major keys
 Matching scales to songs
 Minor keys
 Non-scale notes
 Pentatonic scales and derivatives
 Phrase end note resolution
 Phrasing basics
 Positional playing
 Relative keys
 Relative scales
 Segmenting a position
 What makes a blues lick

 Bending notes
 Blues feel
 Blues phrasing
 Blues timing
 Blues tone setting
 Choosing the right notes to play
 Converting scale patterns
 Country lead guitar
 Country lead technique
 Creating blues licks
 Double stop bends
 Double stop hammer-on
 Double stops
 Drilling scale patterns
 Fretboard coverage
 Lead embellishment
 Lick formation
 Lick generation
 Linking licks
 Matching scales with songs
 Melody and fills
 One-finger-per-fret rule
 Picking technique
 Playing along to a backing track
 Practising scales
 Resolving phrases
 Rhythmic phrasing
 Scale drilling
 Setting for sustain
 Speed development
 String bending
 Two note chords
 Unison bend
 Variating licks

The ability to play scale-based, key-specific improvised lead guitar along to almost any tune in a wide range of popular music genres.

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