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“Great lesson!! I really like your web site and the order of the lessons are brilliant. I have been looking for this concept of teaching and have not been able to find it until now. Thanks.”comment by janrob14

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Nick Minnion

Nick Minnion

Born in 1957, Nick Minnion grew up to a soundtrack of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Nick was first given a guitar at the age of eight, but he wasn’t a natural. Today, he says that he’s so patient with his pupils because he knows how difficult learning guitar can be.

Although he learned the trumpet in high school (to meet girls in the local orchestra), Nick was dropped not long after because there were too many trumpet players – presumably other boys who had the same idea! However, his passion for music didn’t fade, and over the years Nick has gained a strong working knowledge of the principles of music.

He listens to anything from Beethoven to Nirvana – and everything in between! His broad musical tastes mean he has mastered the guitar in a variety of styles and genres.

Flexible Teaching

Nick believes in teaching every pupil according to their aspirations, learning style and ability. He keeps his teaching style flexible, aiming to help pupils reach their own goals rather than working to a rigid framework. That’s why he created the Secret Guitar Teacher. Packed with learning resources that Nick himself has written and produced over the years, the website can enable anyone to learn how to play guitar at their own pace, in their own way.

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It's All About You

Although Nick loves music, teaching is his first love. He’s a natural teacher and started teaching guitar at the age of 15, meaning he now has over 40 years’ experience. Nick believes that learning and teaching feed into one other, and he’s keen to hear from his online pupils. He offers unlimited email support to all £12 a month members, and can even provide a service where he ‘tailor makes’ his courses to suit your needs, helping you to find the right path to learn guitar and resolve any issues you’re having with your guitar playing. Nick says that a great teacher makes the pupil the star, while they themselves become almost invisible – and as the Secret Guitar Teacher, he knows all about that.

Making Real Musicians

Nick’s experience and passion is what makes the Secret Guitar Teacher different from other online guitar lessons. He’s not interested in simply teaching his pupils a few songs, or how to pass a guitar grade exam – he wants to help everyone understand guitar and understand music. Nick believes in making real musicians.

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