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We have made every effort to make our website as accessible as possible in order to help users of all abilities. Text and images are enlargeable wherever possible, textual equivalents have been provided to images and links have been given meaningful titles throughout the website.

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Our values and working practices dictate protection of any personal information you may have provided to us and ensure your privacy and security at all times.

Data Protection Policy

You can rest assured that any information you may have supplied us with will never be sold on to another person or third party or used for any kind of marketing.

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Nick Minnion asserts his intellectual rights as author of all the lessons, songs, exercises, printouts and backing tracks on this site unless otherwise stated. Nick Minnion does NOT give permission to copy any teaching or learning materials on this site without written permission.

The Secret Guitar Teacher members have paid for access to the teaching and learning materials on this site. Download Depot customers have permission to replicate the download courses for personal use only; the download courses or part thereof may not be used for any commercial purpose. Online Course Room members have permission to access the teaching and learning materials online, to print out the printable materials and to create personal copies of the backing tracks; online lessons, songs and exercises may not be copied.

Original recordings by artists used in the lessons, songs and exercises are used under licence LE0002993 from PRS for Music