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“Thank you so very much for that concise explanation of the CAGED system! I had read about it, but I never really figured out how the damn thing worked! And Ive been playing guitar for over 25 years! ”comment by Ceevro

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It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

21 December 2016

Well here we are, my last blog post of 2016! I’m sure Christmas comes around quicker and quicker every year! By now many of you will already be enjoying your first mince pie and mulled wi...

Man strumming electric guitar

How to Strum Guitar in 6/8 Time?

14 December 2016

So far in this mini-series we have looked at 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures. Both of these are described as ‘simple’ time signatures – this just means that each main beat can be subdivi...

Win one months free lessons 2016

Win A Month's Subscription to Secret Guitar Teacher

08 December 2016

We are always looking for ways to improve our services. Whether you are a signed-up member or not, we value your views and opinions as they enable us to provide the best experience for you...

Hand playing guitar chords on electric guitar

Great Diatonic Arpeggio Guitar Exercise

01 December 2016

In the first two lessons of this series we have been mapping out some chord shapes that can be used to play through the diatonic series in different keys. Now we are going to focus in on p...

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