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“This is a really good site, I shall recommend it to my students.”comment by Rob

Win one months free lessons 2016

Win A Month's Subscription to Secret Guitar Teacher

08 December 2016

We are always looking for ways to improve our services. Whether you are a signed-up member or not, we value your views and opinions as they enable us to provide the best experience for you...

Hand playing guitar chords on electric guitar

Great Diatonic Arpeggio Guitar Exercise

01 December 2016

In the first two lessons of this series we have been mapping out some chord shapes that can be used to play through the diatonic series in different keys. Now we are going to focus in on p...

Man playing acoustic guitar

How to Play a Guitar Solo

24 November 2016

There are millions of possible ways to approach playing a guitar solo and it would take a brave, or perhaps foolish man, to point to any one way as being ‘right’ or ‘wrong; ‘better...

Chords being played on acoustic guitar

Learn to Play the Diatonic Chord Series

16 November 2016

In the last lesson, we learnt to play a diatonic series of chords rooted on the fifth string in the key of C, whilst reciting the numbers and names of each chord as we played it like this ...

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