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Read our thoughts on guitar and teaching guitar

“...This actually shows you step by step how to play rather then just expecting you to get it right away! ”comment by sgtpepper

Man playing chords on acoustic guitar

How to Work With Diatonic Chords

20 October 2016

You will hear guitar teachers and other musicians refer to the diatonic series in a number of different contexts. This is quite a useful concept to work with and I thought I would make a f...

Solo guitarist

How to Play Great Guitar Solos

13 October 2016

So far, all of the lessons I have made about improvising on guitar have encouraged you to spend as much time as possible jamming, either with other musicians or along to backing tracks. Ho...

Sheet music and time signature

Understanding 3/4 and 4/4 Time Signatures

05 October 2016

Most of the music we listen to can be written in 4/4 time. But what exactly does that mean?Well, the two parts of a time signature actually mean entirely different things. The top number d...

Man tuning an acoustic guitar

Open Guitar Tuning: Opening New Combinations of Sound

28 September 2016

This blog is intended as a brief introduction to the subject of open tunings. The standard EADGBE tuning has emerged, over a period of several centuries, as the best possible tuning to be ...

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