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Read our thoughts on guitar and teaching guitar

“...This actually shows you step by step how to play rather then just expecting you to get it right away! ”comment by sgtpepper

Hand playing guitar chords

How the CAGED System Can Improve Your Versatility

20 September 2016

A working understanding of the CAGED system can greatly improve your versatility when it comes to choosing how to voice chords on the guitar. Let’s just explain exactly what we been by v...

Woman selling a new electric guitar

How to Choose Your First Electric Guitar

13 September 2016

So in the first lesson on this subject we said it was important to choose a guitar that is physically comfortable to play – or in other words, one that fits your particular body shape.&n...

Guitarist playing electrical bass guitar

How to Jam Over An m7b5 Chord

07 September 2016

In our recent lesson we looked at some approaches to improvising over half-diminished chords when they appear as part of a minor 2 5 1 progression. During that lesson I mentioned that you ...

Playing CAGED system on acoustic guitar

Using CAGED System to Change Key

26 August 2016

Ever since first learning the CAGED system I have found that it has helped me speed up the process of learning new songs. But a great bonus to using the CAGED system in this way, is that i...

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