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“This is fantastic -- hard work but very rewarding. Thank you.”comment by phil.bennett

Playing CAGED system on acoustic guitar

Using CAGED System to Change Key

26 August 2016

Ever since first learning the CAGED system I have found that it has helped me speed up the process of learning new songs. But a great bonus to using the CAGED system in this way, is that i...

A selection of electric guitars

How to Choose an Electric Guitar

19 August 2016

Heading down to your local guitar store to buy your first electric guitar is exciting of course. But I know it can also feel like a very daunting proposition for many people. There is a ki...

Man playing acoustic guitar

How to Improvise Over Half Diminished Chords

12 August 2016

In this blog we'll take a brief look at a few different approaches you can use to improvise over a Half Diminished 7th Chord, when found in its natural habitat as the 2 chord in a Minor 2 ...

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