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2.3 Gym Induction Session

Gym Induction Session


General guide to how to do Secret GuitarTeacher's Gym exercises - Easy Warm-up Exercise

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sandra bethell said:

Hi Nick, I have been playing guitar for 3 years and never felt I was really getting any where despite having private lessons.Your site has given my playing a new lease of life.Thanks so much -

Posted 2015-01-29
Nick's Reply:

That's great to hear Sandra -may you never look back :-)

Posted 2015-01-31
dxdd123 said:

Hi Nick, first of all thanks for these great videos. I have been playing guitar for sometime and I can play these exercises pretty comfortably at speed of 190 bpm. However, I realized that I rest my pinky on the pickguard while playing lead but you are allowing your right hand to move freely. Is it a bad habit?

Posted 2014-11-08
Nick's Reply:

Thanks for your comment. I'm guessing that you have bigger hands than me as I actually find it quite hard to play with my pinky resting on the pickguard! I think it is important not to be talked into believing there is one 'correct' way to approach technique. When I play blues or rock lead I often anchor the heel of my hand. I find it helps to make me more precise in hitting the right strings. But when I play Gypsy Jazz, for example, I have to free up my hand, because it just wouldn't move fast enough otherwise, nor allow the greater range of dynamics needed. So, experiment and find out what works best for you in each kind of musical situation. Remain flexible in your approach and be prepared to change if something isn't quite working right.

Posted 2014-11-08
jeffcoop said:

Hi Nick, Really enjoy your videos. Question - On the triple eighths, I tend to play them down up up. Is there any advantage to playing or practicing them down up down? If so, I'll start practicing them like that. If it's simply subjective, I'll keep it as is. Thanks - Jeff

Posted 2014-10-14
Nick's Reply:

Thanks Jeff. That's a good question. I think it comes down to physics! On your second upstroke you have to move the pick twice as far as on the other two strokes. To do this in the same time, requires a steep acceleration in the movement. At higher tempos this is going to be very difficult to achieve without some loss of smoothness in the rhythm. That's really my case for the Up Dn Up Dn Up Dn approach to triplet feel.

Posted 2014-10-15
dkamens2 said:

Thank you so much Nick for the care and attention that are so clearly evident in your teaching. For someone without innate music talent that has been struggling for 50+ years to "get it" this is a real gift. Hope you have some good snow there in the French Alps. It has been a strange year here in northern New England (USA), though the snow is characterically "peppered" with patches of ice. That makes a good place for olympians to grow up, but not so good for old geezers like me. With appreciation, Don

Posted 2014-03-24
Nick's Reply:

Thanks for the feedback Don, glad to hear you are enjoying the lessons. I think you guys have stolen most of our snow this winter! But we have had a few really nice days out on the slopes.

Posted 2014-03-25
kleber said:

Fantastic tips. Thank you so much, Nick -

Posted 2014-03-12
Nick's Reply:

Thanks for the feedback, glad you are finding this useful.

Posted 2014-03-17
gkillmaster said:

you bring up so many great points and way of thinking about it all.

Posted 2013-10-08
Nick's Reply:

Thanks. Your kind feedback is much appreciated :-)

Posted 2013-10-08
speyrod said:

At 3.27 the programe locks up? Thank you

Posted 2013-03-12
Nick's Reply:

Thanks for reporting this problem. However, we have now tested both the videos (Fast speed and High Quality versions) and cannot find any faults. It is likely the problem was caused by a temporary slow down either to delivery from our server or in the speed of your internet connection. Please try again and let us know if the problem persists. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Posted 2013-03-12
GRAHAM said:

Hi Nick, Take your time and keep your quality, love that tip.

Posted 2012-12-11
Nick's Reply:

Yes, that could apply to all sorts of things in life couldn't it ;-)

Posted 2012-12-12
dayone54 said:

After watching this; i realized i chased the metronome. Will now practice it your way. :) thank you; u sure have wisdom. debbie

Posted 2011-05-22