Beginner Guitar Lesson

2.5 Gym - Finger Separation Exercise

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Comments said:

Hello Nick. i have a questione regarding the guitar gym. I've always had problems with speed on guitar. I use the guitar gym everyday for the first half hour. I seem to hit a Plateau were i just can't speed up the metronome. This has always been an issue for the 5 years I've been playing. Incidentally, i've never had a problem with speed on any songs I learn although i'm not playing heavy metal. Do you see this often? is it normal for speed to come so slowly? Thanks Nick.

Posted 2014-12-13
Nick's Reply:

Speed and fluency on the guitar are definitely something most of us build in gradual stages. Even though you may not play styles of music that call for fast playing, the work done on speed development helps you play with improved control, timing and general sound quality so, in my view, is never wasted. I am going to try and dig you out some special advice on how to best approach this, which I will email you directly. Thanks for the comment.

Posted 2014-12-14
fenderbender said:

i find focussing on thetunes the patterns make relieves the tedium its like you are playing licks instead of doing drills

Posted 2014-01-30
Nick's Reply:

Yes - it's good to work by ear instead of by memory or finger counting.

Posted 2014-04-16
GRAHAM said:

Hi Nick, I love the way I have to focus on these Gym Exercises, fabulous motivational lessons. Graham

Posted 2012-12-12
Nick's Reply:

If you enjoy the Gym sessions, you will progress at a great rate - they're not to everyone's liking, but I know that they do wonders for your development at a guitarist.

Posted 2012-12-12