Advanced Guitar Lesson

11.9 Gym - CAGED Drill

Gym - CAGED Drill


The best way to thoroughly master this vital componenet of the fretboard orientation system

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marti said:

Nick - This a great drill to help master the fret board especially when combined with chromatic chanting. The good news is that for starters, the CAGED system offers a quick transition to mastering the chromatic scale.

Posted 2014-07-07
Nick's Reply:

Absolutely - adds a whole new dimension to your sense of where everything is on the fretboard.

Posted 2014-07-08
CharlesT said:

the videos are buffering most of the time, Help!!

Posted 2013-08-07
Nick's Reply:

I appreciate this can be frustrating, but unfortunately this factor is mostly influenced by the speed of your internet connection, something we have no control over. One trick is to start the video (with sound off if you like) and let it load up while you do something else. Once it has loaded you can instantly jump to any part of the video. By planning ahead you can actually be loading the next video while watching the first :-)

Posted 2013-08-08