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Who is the Secret Guitar Teacher?

Nick Minnion has been playing the guitar since the swinging sixties, and he’s mastered all popular styles and genres. Nick teaches his pupils in a way that suits their aspirations, interests and learning style, and he believes that a great teacher makes the pupil the star, while they themselves become almost invisible. That’s why he created the Secret Guitar Teacher: a unique online resource to help anyone learn to play guitar at their own pace and for a fraction of the cost of a regular guitar teacher.

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Online Guitar Lessons

From smooth jazz to rock ‘n’ roll, indulge your interests with online guitar lessons at the Secret Guitar Teacher. Choose a style and learn to play guitar with our free lessons, or become a member and gain unlimited access to all of our online guitar lessons for just £12 a month.

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20 September 2016

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A working understanding of the CAGED system can greatly improve your versatility when it comes to choosing how to voice chords on t...

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How to Choose Your First Electric Guitar

13 September 2016

Woman selling a new electric guitar

So in the first lesson on this subject we said it was important to choose a guitar that is physically comfortable to play – or in...

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How to Jam Over An m7b5 Chord

07 September 2016

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In our recent lesson we looked at some approaches to improvising over half-diminished chords when they appear as part of a minor 2 ...

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