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  • “Your lessons on the blues scales have been fantastic. I worked on them using random card selections and a metronome until last week. I felt good enough to try using the backing tracks. I finally put all the pieces together. Wow, I don't think I have ever had as much fun as the past week playing the blues in A and E. Cheers and thanks again for your course. I know a lot of labour went into that course.” David Lucas
  • “There are a lot of teachers out there but your lessons have taught me more in the last two weeks than any lessons in years. I put it down to your considered methodical approach and the student first philosophy you seem to hold. I’m buying more today.” Chris McKenna
  • “Thank you for those 7 videos on "Understanding Key Signatures Parts 1-7". I have been attempting to study and learn music theory for let’s see about 3-4 years now. What you taught in those seven short videos, unlocked so much confusion and uncertainty. Also want to thank you for all your time and knowledge that you so graciously share with me. It is greatly appreciated” Joey Grasso
  • “I couldn't play scales before I found your site! Thank You for all your help. Nick's site improved my playing tremendously!” Chris Stewart
  • “Nick’s methodology has made a tremendous difference in the way I understand the guitar. This translates into better and more satisfying guitar playing.” Mike McLaurin