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Take Online Guitar Lessons From a True Master

Nick Minnion has been playing the guitar since the swinging sixties, mastering all popular styles and genres. He believes that a great teacher makes the pupil the star, while they themselves become almost invisible. That’s why he created the Secret Guitar Teacher: a unique resource of online guitar lessons to help anyone learn to play at their own pace and for a fraction of the cost of a regular guitar teacher.

£12 per month
  • 200+ lessons
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Welcome to the Secret Guitar Teacher

Online Guitar Lessons in a Range of Genres

From smooth jazz to rock ‘n’ roll, indulge your interests with online guitar lessons in every popular genre. Take a one-off downloadable course in your favourite style, or become a member and access a huge database of online guitar lessons for just £12 a month..

Need Some Help With your Guitar Lessons?

Many online guitar lessons provide resources, but no support if you run into difficulties. The Secret Guitar Teacher is different. Once you become a member for just £12 a month, you can enjoy unlimited email support from Nick Minnion. Simply get in touch with any questions or problems and he’ll reply with friendly, knowledgeable advice.

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Unlimited Access to Over 200 Online Guitar Lessons

Whether you’re an amateur or an ace, the Secret Guitar Teacher can give you all the tools you need to develop your skills and passion for music. Become a member for just £12 a month and gain access to over 200 online guitar lessons, each specially created by expert guitarist Nick Minnion.

  • Learn at your own pace, in your own way
  • Learn all popular styles of guitar, whatever your ability
  • Access printouts, backing tracks, videos and sound bites
  • Progress through Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced courses
  • Enjoy full, friendly email support from Nick Minnion
  • Cancel or renew your membership whenever you want
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